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Solar in near future 2021 and beyond
rv solar

Freedom to explore remote, off-grid locations
Quiet alternative to generators
Savings extends battery life by 50%
Backup power for parking lots or emergencies
Renewable and safe power source
If you’re shopping for a new RV, you might be spotting the phrase “solar prep” in the descriptions of many of the rigs you’re browsing. It has increasingly become a popular feature in RVs as the demand for sustainable energy and environmental consciousness grows. Even if a greener planet isn’t at the top of your priority list, there are still many perks to installing solar panels on your RV. While installing solar power on your RV is an up-front investment and will require some extra research, they can bring about long-term benefits such as camping freedom and savings – two things most RVers love! Read on to find out what you can expect from solar equipped RVs and how they can improve your camping trips.

This was because of the crazy way we do things at last minute on a whim and jsut go for it. For example lets go camping tomorrow, do some last minute upgrades, cutting down weeds, fixing things and basically just going for whatever whim we can think of at the time and just go for it.

As some newbees to the RV world, my wife and I and our best freinds have learned alot about the RV world and we are enjoying it and having  alot of fun. We have gone to some great places, did some upgrades, decorated, found out the mistakes we made,  watched my truck catch on fire, explore solar, review generators, who to trust, where to shop, watched and read hundreds of RV videos and reviews and even what and where to look for just about anything else. This has now become our life adventure and we look forward to it everyday. 

Fortunately for me, my wife, friends and family are very creative and are pretty logical in our approach to doing things in general and are not afraid to tackle and learn and do things ourselves.  Fortunately we have some life skills that we can utilize on our Banzai Adventures as we have a logical approach on doing things and are not afraid to try something new. We all have a variety of skills we have learned over the years that include such as electrical, wood working , welding, computers, redecorating, solar, embroidery, apparal, graphics, plumbing, farming, auto repaid, construction and just common sense.

My wife Tiffany, kids and beZsty’s friends like to shop explore areas and constantly learn something new every adventure. We have sponge type brains where we aborb and learn about new products, services, ideas, processed,  where to purchase products, review product and then we just kick around thoughts with each other. 

We are all very patriotic Americans and we  try to honor the country as much as possible. America should always be first and we are fortunate to have been born and raised in this great country.

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