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RV Backup Camera Project -AMTIFO A7 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 7 Inch DVR Monitor

I needed to upgrade my backup cameras on the back of my trailer to replace the previous product that jsut was not working out due to failures and a poorly constructed product. This was the backup camera from The product was always unreliable and would not connect to the monitors about 80% of the time or it seemed when needed. I looked around at may different brands and producs and read reviews and I chose to go with the AMTIFO A7 HD 1080P Digital Wireless backup camera and monitor. Just out of the box and I can tell a FAR superior to the 4uCam products. Just a little side note about the backup cameras– It is VERY important to have a BU Camera on your trailer for safety and a little peace of mind. This should be included on EVERY trailer from EVERY Manufacture as a safety item as standard equipment. I also beleive these camera should also integrate in the existing displays like the Ford Sync or Chevrolet Camera invisble Trailer or Dod Trucks systems but that is another article.

I did purchase the product from Amazon for 159.99 and received the order within 2 days. The products has great reviews from many sites including Amazon. I chose this model and manucfacturer for a number or reasons.

Cost- Unit has a great price point at 159.99

Display id 7 inch and HD1080– most other units are only 720

The signal is Digital so it should be more stable

Unit also has IP rating of 69 which means it is very sealed from outsite weather and environment.

Warranty 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. free tech support and replacement service- most other cameras had, 30,60 or 90 day warranty. That tells me they do not back their products. So that was bid deal to me.

After i received and opened the box- One could tell this was a much better product than the 4uCam product I have currently installed. The unit looks and feels solid, was packaged nice, Direcetions are very easy to read, It also comes with multiple mouning types and the infamous so called Furrion mount many trailers come with that state “Backup Camera Ready”.

About this item

  • ►Upgraded digital wireless rear view camera working on vehicle range under 50ft. NOTE:We have two version Bracket Adapter and Power Pigtail Outlet wire for Furrion Pre-Wired. Search B089R9C4ZJ and B08VF1DKH4
  • ►Upgraded newest camera with a very high IP rating of 69 it’s very waterproof and weather resistant. It support add 2nd wireless licence plate camera B08VDZXNBW or another same originary wireless camera B08V8XXT1Z (or use the side view bracket-B089R9M9XJ as side view camera).
  • ►Combines a wireless backup camera with a large 7-inch display so you can see your surroundings when you’re driving in reverse. In menu,You can switch the front view and rear view, and turn on or off the guide lines, which is very convenient.
  • ►Quick and simple setup. The Digital wireless module built-in the monitor and camera, You just hook the antennas and power supply to them, They will transport video signals auto. Built in record function and loop recording, continuous record when memory card is full and auto erase old files.
  • ►【Good Service】30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. free tech support and replacement service; we know you will be pleased with this camera.

More to come and installation pictures

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